As an Application Engineer with global product development responsibilities in a billion dollar company, I sought out Jennifer for assistance in meeting personal goals by identifying and working through road blocks. She was able to listen well and discern the tweaks needed in my inner thought life. These changes produced a more peaceful environment and a clear vision of my goals. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone!

Nikki Martin

As a manager at a top 50 Fortune 500 company I found myself unfulfilled personally and professionally. Jennifer’s ability to use a refreshing combination of humor, wit, and honesty removed the barriers I had between myself and her ability to help. From there she offered a compassionate and friendly ear, that allowed me to make several personal revelations. Compliments of Jennifer’s ability to truly listen and guide me to my own realizations and solutions just 18 months later I find myself full of excitement and pride within my career and my personal life has never been better. I would fully recommend Jennifer and her services to anyone who has an obstacle impeding their success or happiness in any phase of life!

Jarad Brown 

Being a young-adult, mom and wife and not knowing where you want to go in life is a difficult time in a woman’s life. With Jennifer’s guidance, leadership and amazing ability to make you be truthful and honest about what you want out of life, I was able to work through those things. She’s given me the tools needed to conquer many obstacles that I never thought I could conquer. She goes above and beyond and gives you life lessons! Always positive and honest! She’s truly one of a kind!!

Shawnelle Parker

Being a multi-tasker and highly ambitious, I have always struggled with focusing on the right tasks. I worked a full-time job, held three leadership positions outside of my full-time job and starting working on my own music business. I struggled with finding that “one” task I was very passionate about, that would be fulfilling. Things were falling apart and I found myself slacking in all tasks. I eventually felt burnt out and extremely demotivated. I knew I had to do something. So, I checked out coaching with Jennifer Evans. On the first day we met, Jennifer Evans told me “You have what it takes.” That was the extra push I needed to stay motivated. By the end of our sessions, I found my passion and I made the decision to focus on starting my own music business. Thank you Jennifer Evans.

Latisha Scott