Coaching Opportunities & Pricing

Life Coaching

Want to make significant changes in your life but are unsure of where to begin or even what the change should be? You may want to start new relationships, learn how to move forward with transition,  increase self-confidence, or even obtain some balance after a few curve balls. Life coaching can encompass a number of avenues for personal success, growth, and increase overall fulfillment.

Business Coaching

Need some help improving your productivity at work? Maybe you want to increase your skill-sets (communication, time-management, leadership skills) in your current position or to prepare yourself for a promotion? Business Coaching can assist in producing a work environment that is beneficial to your success.

Faith-Based/Church/Ministry Coaching

Faith-based coaching is an opportunity to increase and expand your gifts, skills, and faith as church or ministry leaders, or simply for you! It’s a wonderful chance to learn how to step out of those comfort zones, process and deal with difficult life situations according to scripture, and to discover how your interests and gifts can be used in new creative ways.


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Coaching can be accomplished through a number of ways other than in person. Click here to book your complimentary consultation. Let’s chat about the process, what you’re looking to work-through or accomplish, and when you’re ready to begin this journey!