Getting a Clear Vision

Vision is defined as the act of seeing. In Business Coaching, the act of seeing sets the stage for any coaching conversation you should have with your coach. The act of seeing what you want in life, seeing the kind of end results you desire, seeing how you want to achieve set goals, and, last but not least, seeing it through to the end!

When you do not have a clear vision, the path you want to take is blurred. It’s impossible to be certain of where you are headed if you can’t clearly see the road you need to take.

If you haven’t noticed, I have used the word “you” several times. Coaching is about you. It’s taking the time to focus on you. It’s about what you want to accomplish. Not what I think you need to do, nor what I think you should do. You make the discoveries, you set the course, and you see it through with me in your corner.

This process starts with having a clear vision of not only where you are headed, but, also, where you are starting the journey. Often, we find ourselves in a state of wanting to hit the ground running, but we need to stop and ask: Where is my starting line?What is my current situation?Do I know all of the resources available to me?How much time can I actually dedicate?Is the goal realistic?Is this really what I want?

Honestly, how often do you have time to sit and ponder such questions? This is where coaching steps in as an effective tool to help create a clear vision for your future. It’s a specific time, set aside, to ask and find the answers.

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